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  • Pre Settlement Funding - A Cash Advance For Medical Expenses

    21 July 2021

    A lawsuit loan or pre-settlement funding normally occurs when plaintiffs are provided cash by a court order prior to the final judgment has been rendered. Typically, the company advancing this cash will require proof, such as medical records directly...

  • Finding the Right Pre Settlement Loan Company

    21 July 2021

    The lawsuit loan industry is expanding quickly. In recent years, many people have discovered that they can obtain quick cash awards in the thousands of dollars to help with pending lawsuits. Lawsuit loans are also referred to as "pet bail" or "maldunctee."...

  • Pre-Settigation Funding - A Simple Choice for Those Facing Lawsuit Loans

    21 July 2021

    A pre-settlement funding or lawsuit loan occurs when a lawsuit is brought forward by a private party without having to go to court. The individual who brings the suit receives funding from an anticipated court award prior to making any actual payments...